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RTW Bacteriological Stain Kit

Tetra Tech RTW, the company that has brought activated sludge process control tools to operators such as the RTW Activated Troubleshooting Chart; the RTW Chart of Common Activated Sludge Microorganisms; the RTW Operations ToolSet - Activated Sludge Software; and more, now brings to you a set of laboratory tools designed especially for activated sludge process control through microbiology. RTW has assembled the key components needed to use along with your microscope in the process of staining wastewater samples to identify bacteriological filaments. This kit, complete with an easy-to-follow guide book, is a great alternative to finding and purchasing the same set of stains in their usual bulk quantities. Inside the padded hard-shell case you'll find: RTW Bacteriological Stain Kit

  • Gram #1 - crystal violet
  • Gram #2 - gram's iodine
  • Gram #3 - decolorizer
  • Gram #4 - safranin
  • Niesser #1 - methylene blue
  • Neisser #2 - bismarck brown
  • PHB #1 - sudan black
  • PHB #2 - safranin 0
  • Sheath Stain - crystal violet
  • Type B Immersion Oil
  • Microslides
  • Cover Glass

Tetra Tech RTW is offering the all new RTW Bacteriological Stain Kit for the price of only $309.00 plus shipping and handling.

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