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RTW Guide to Microscopy and Staining of Activated Sludge

Included with the RTW Bacteriological Stain Kit is the accompanying book by Ron Schuyler, the RTW Guide to Microscopy and Staining of Activated Sludge. Now this 30 page book is available individually. This guide is the perfect reference for wastewater professionals attempting analysis of activated sludge with a microscope. This illustrated book contains an Introduction, and chapters on Sample Collection and Transport, Equipment, Microscope Operating Procedure, Preparation of the Specimen, Staining, Examining Your Mixed Liquor, and References, as well as a two page color plate of examples. Here is a sample from the book:

RTW Guide to Microscopy and Staining of Activated Sludge

Experience from presenting a number of courses on wastewater treatment microbiology suggested that students need a simple list to assist them in getting started with microscopic examination of filamentous microorganisms. This kit contains the stains most commonly used in identifying filamentous microorganisms and includes the common gram stain and the less common Neisser, PHB and sheath stains. It also contains glass slides, cover slips and immersion oil to help you get started.

Based on requests from students, Tetra Tech RTW is also providing in this document a basic reference for using the microscope to evaluate activated sludge. The following sections discuss sample collection and transport, microscopic equipment requirements, operating procedures, specimen preparation, staining and mixed- liquor examination.

This essential book is now available separately from the RTW Bacteriological Stain Kit for the low cost of only $12.95 plus shipping and handling. Order online or use the printable order form

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