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RTW Operations ToolSet - Activated Sludge Version 2004-5
Now Available!!!

The RTW Operations ToolSet - Activated Sludge Version 2004-5 is a software application to aid in wastewater treatment plant operations. The software contains spreadsheet applications that run in conjunction with Microsoft Excel®. This installment utilizes activated sludge plant operating data that is collected daily and performs the calculations and creates trending charts needed to provide the Operator with critical operating information. The software calculates over 60 parameters such as the total solids in the treatment system, location of these solids, MCRT data, F/M ratio, aeration basin space loading, oxygen uptake rate and wasting rate. Sludge settleometer data can be input and the program will graph the settling curve and the sludge concentration curve as well as calculating the SVI. Each day's data is updated by the click of the mouse to a historical data log and stored for data analysis. Version 2004-5 also contains 14 built-in trend charts and a user-defined trend chart, which will graph data from any range of dates specified by the operator. The software also calculates the monthly average, maximum and minimum values for all the data stored in the historical data log. Finally, the ToolSet contains a clarifier performance-predicting model that uses current operations data to model how return sludge concentration and clarifier blanket depth change with influent flow rate and return rate.

The RTW Operations ToolSet - Activated Sludge Version 2004-5, an interactive CD-ROM with help support, is now available and priced at $159.95, so order now!

You can either order online, or use our printable order form.  For further information, send us an e-mail.

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