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Technical Products

Tetra Tech RTW's nationally-recognized staff of experts have developed several products that can assist you in your water and wastewater operations. These tools including the Activated Sludge Troubleshooting Chart, the Microorganism Identification Chart and our water chemistry computer model provide valuable, concise and up to date information that can help your facility to operate in a more efficient manner.

RTW Model for Softening Calculations RTW Ciliated Protozoa Micro-Identification Keys
RTW Bacteriological Stain Kit RTW Guide to Microscopy and Staining of Activated Sludge
Activated Sludge Troubleshooting Chart Chart of Common Activated Sludge Microorganisms
RTW Operations ToolSet - Activated Sludge RTW Model for Corrosion Control & Process Chemistry
BNR Troubleshooting Chart Filter Bed Expansion Measurement Tool

Fun Products

In the spirit of Tetra Tech RTW's expert technical products, we are pleased to bring you a line of products that lean to the lighter side. Products that show you are proud to be associated with Aquatic Microbiology. While fun and playful, these also represent the technical and educational elements that you have come to expect from Tetra Tech RTW.

Activated Sludge Microorganism Desktop Wallpaper
Common Activated Sludge Microorganism Screensaver

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