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The downloadable Process Series ToolBox documents below are formatted as PDF files and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader® and conveniently printed out. We recommend compiling these ToolBoxes in a three-ring binder for quick and easy reference.

Tools for Achieving Maximum Nitrification Rates How Do I Optimize Nitrification in My Plant? (70.5 KB)

Tools for Analyzing Quality Assurance Samples with the BOD5 Test Biochemical Oxygen Demand? (71.1 KB)

Tools for Arsenic Standard Compliance What are the effects of the updated EPA Arsenic Standard? (515 KB)

Tools for Evaluating the Use of ClO2 Why Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)? (38.0 KB)

Tools for Evaluation of Potential New Biosolids Regs How Will the Regulations Affect Me? (40.9 KB)

Tools for Good Lab Results How Do I Know My Lab Results Are Correct? (40.8 KB)

Tools for Improving Seconday Clarifier Performance How can I decrease Activated Sludge Polymer Demand? (38.7 KB)

Tools for Membrane Filtration Is Membrane Treatment for Me? (509 KB)

Tools for Staining How Can I Simplify My Stain Process? (115 KB)

Tools for Stormwater Phase II Compliance NPDES Phase II - Where Can I Go for Help? (40.5 KB)

Tools for Understanding Water Treatment Plant Disinfection Water Treatment Plant Disinfection Q&A? (63.8 KB)

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