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Michael R. Rothberg, P.E., B.C.E.E., Executive Vice President, Water Treatment Systems
Mr. Rothberg is President and a Principal of Tetra Tech RTW.  He has over 35 years of specialized experience in water and wastewater engineering, including water quality studies; treatment process selection; facility design, startup, operation, and maintenance; and project management.  He has expertise in water filtration, filter performance/control, and backwash recovery.  He has established water quality programs for several clients and has extensive knowledge of the Safe Drinking Water Act regulations.  Mike co-authored the Tetra Tech RTW Corrosion Control Computer Model, which is published and distributed by AWWA. Mike holds two U.S. patents for pro­cesses he developed to remove radioactive materials from water.  He was also principal researcher and author of the State of Wyoming's "Design and Construction Standards for Public Water Supplies," and coauthor to Handbook of Public Water Systems, published by Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, 1986.  He is involved in nearly all water treatment related project performed by Tetra Tech RTW.

Joseph U. Tamburini, P.E., B.C.E.E., Executive Vice President, Wastewater Treatment
Mr. Tamburini is Executive Vice President and a Principal of Tetra Tech RTW.  With over 35 years of experience in water and wastewater system engineering, he has directed and participated in projects for master planning, evaluation and design of wastewater collection and treatment facilities. His expertise also includes water systems, groundwater and surface water devel­opment, and prepar­ation of state­wide water and wastewater system design standards. He has provided consul­tation to special districts and municipal­ities on operation and maintenance, capital improvement programs, budgeting, and system evaluation and rate analyses.  He has extensive experience in leading the public information / involvement process, and holds certifications as Value Engineering Team Coordinator, Engineering Expert Witness and Class A Colorado Water Plant Operator. 

Samuel J. Billin, P.E., Vice President/Senior Project Manager, Industrial/Mining
Mr. Billin is Manager of Tetra Tech RTW’s Nevada operations.  Mr. Billin has 17 years of experience consulting municipalities and industry in environmental investigation, remediation, civil engineering and water resources. He is experienced in subsurface flow and contaminant transport and couples that specialty with hydrogeology and civil engineering for design of water supply, water treatment systems, and waste water treatment facilities. He serves as a lead design engineer for pumping stations, water and wastewater treat­ment plants, and storm and sanitary sewer design and construction as well as environmental impact statements.  He has particular experience in managing complex environmental permitting and design projects including extensive experience in public participation. 

Darwin G. Dyck, P.E., Senior Project Manager,  Water/Wastewater
Mr. Dyck has over 29 years of experience in municipal and special district infrastructure feasibility, planning, design, and construction engineering. He has designed and estimated costs for many infrastructure facilities for numerous com­munities throughout the Rocky Mountain and southwest regions. Darwin is the chief capital construction cost estimator for Tetra Tech RTW, and he was instrumental in developing the firm's CSI-based specifications. He has also provided construction management and resident inspection.

John Faulkner, P.E., Senior Engineer
Modeling/Hydraulics, provides a unique combina­tion of experience and education as both an engineer and contractor with 28 years of combined construction and engineering experience.  John has extensive experience in computer simulation models of water distribution and wastewater collection systems, regularly performing water distribution and wastewater collection modeling as part of Master Plan studies.  Recommendations made as a part of these studies include system pipeline looping, fire flow improvements, pressure zone reconfiguration, pump station addition, water storage expansion, pipeline routing, and lift station improvements.  John has also served as a project engineer for various new plant and retrofit design projects for water and wastewater plants ranging in size from less than 1 mgd to 10 mgd.  His design experience includes hydraulic profile analysis, wastewater headworks facility design, pumps, pump stations, pipeline design, and specification preparation.

Mitchell E. Freeman, P.E., Senior Project Manager, Water/Wastewater
Mr. Freeman runs the Savannah, Georgia office and has 30 years experience in water and wastewater systems design and project management.  He has been responsible for all phases of projects from concept to construction administration with particular expertise in water and wastewater systems.  He also has extensive experience in the automation of these systems.  Mitch has served as Project Manager for the design of biosolids treatment and dewatering facilities for numerous waste­water treatment facilities in Georgia.

Sherri Jones, P.E., Senior Project Manager, Water/Wastewater Process Evaluation, Design, Optimization, & Operations Assistance
Sherri Jones, who brings the operator's perspective to Tetra Tech RTW's work, spent eight of her 24 years experience as a plant operator.  She has directed bench- and full-scale pilot studies for improved treatment processes and equipment evaluation, established water quality monitoring programs and process control programs for treatment facilities, and provided startup and trouble­shooting for both new facilities and existing facility retrofits. Sherri has also been involved with training and certification for plant operators as a member of the Colorado Plant Operator’s Certification Board.

Troy Moore, P.E., Senior Project Manager,  Electrical/Instrumentation/Controls/SCADA
Mr. Moore has 21 years experience in design, startup, and troubleshooting of electrical, instrumentation, telemetry, and control systems for water and wastewater facilities, including multiple plants and pumps.  His expertise includes configuration, testing, and startup of multiple computer-based systems with several remote process computers.   His experience also includes design for electrical power distribution, motor control, lighting, and alarm systems, standby power generation, mechanical, HVAC and cost estimating. He also performs services during construction, system troubleshooting and startup, O&M manual preparation, and operator training.

Robert Orsatti, P.E., Vice President/Senior Project Manager, Water/Wastewater
Mr. Orsatti has over 29 years of extensive experience in planning, design, and construction administration for water and wastewater treatment facilities for municipalities and special districts. His areas of expertise include all aspects of water system infrastructure including raw water diversions, pumping and pipelines, water treatment facilities, potable water storage tanks, water trans­mission and distribution piping systems. Experience with wastewater facilities includes raw sewage lift stations, force mains and gravity collection systems. Treatment systems included nutrient removal wastewater treatment facilities in a wide range of sizes from small, 250,000 gpd plants to large municipal plants with capacities in excess of 10 MGD. He has provided funding assistance, working directly with the CDPHE and previous clients to acquire grant and loan funding. He has prepared numerous 201 Facility Plans and regional 208 waste­water master plans. His construction phase experience includes full construction administration, resident inspection, and project startup. His experience includes new facilities as well as upgrades and expansions for existing facilities.

Michael J Petti, PE, BCEE, Senior Project Manager, Water/ Wastewater
Michael brings over 30 years of project experience in water and wastewater treatment, large scale municipal infrastructure, stormwater management, civil and environmental engineering and consulting; and has received Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees in civil and environmental engineering, as well as an M.B.A.  With his prior service as the Director of Engineering and Planning for a water and wastewater district that serves a population of approximately 400,000, Michael can provide superior project management service to Las Vegas Valley clients to address operational, process and regulatory challenges.  He is also a Board Certified Environmental Engineer, Water and Wastewater Specialty.

Ron Schuyler, P.E., B.C.E.E., Vice President/Senior Project Manager, Training/Process/Treatment Evaluations
Mr. Schuyler has more than 40 years of experience in reviewing and evaluating engineering reports, facility plans, and operating facilities. He has conducted WWTP evaluations and biosolids studies for more than 85 municipal and private clients. He specializes in the activated-sludge process and, as such, has provided microorganism identification for numerous clients and assisted with process troubleshooting and optimization. Ron spent 23 years with CDPHE before joining Tetra Tech RTW, and was at some time responsible for each aspect of Colorado’s water quality control program.  Duties included staff supervision, district engineer programs, plan and specification approval, facility siting, discharge permit issuance, enforcement, spill response, operator certification, effluent sampling, stream sampling, W/WW facility inspections, local health department assistance, and operator training.

Tom D. Wiedmeier, P.E., Vice President/Senior Project Manager, Water/Wastewater
Mr. Wiedmeier runs the Augusta, Georgia office and offers over 24 years of experience in civil and environmental engineering and surveying, Mr. Wiedmeier has been responsible for the planning, design and construction administration of numerous wastewater treatment facility projects.  His expertise includes design of treatment processes, as well as operations and maintenance of facilities.  As Project Manager, he consistently completes projects to the precise standard, on time and on budget.  For 12 years, Tom was a City of Augusta employee serving in various capacities such as Assistant City Engineer, Wastewater Plant Superintendent, and Assistant Director of Utilities.

Rocky D. Wiley, Senior Project Manager, Utilities Management
Prior to joining Tetra Tech RTW, Mr. Wiley was with the Denver Water Department for 36 years. Rocky was involved in the planning, timing and develop­ment of the major expan­sions in Denver's raw water supply and treated water distribu­tion system. He was a principal in the development and implementa­tion of the Department's innovative Water Conservation Program, including programs designed specifically to manage system wide demand factors.  He also coordinated the Department’s Drought Response/ Restriction Plan, and directed the Healthy Forest/Forest Fire Restoration Program.  Rocky has, throughout his career, been continually involved in the design and facilitation of public involve­ment and customer opinion surveys to help evaluate, guide and gain public acceptance for the department’s facility and program develop­ment. He is an expert witness in the fields of:  water utility planning, hydraulic design and operations, population and customer class projections, water use and demand forecasting and conservation.

H. C. Liang, Ph.D. brings expertise in teaching and water chemistry, with more than 18 years of experience in research, having published over twenty papers in peer-reviewed journals- including several on aqueous chemistry research.  H.C. specializes in chemical processes for the removal of inorganic contaminants including arsenic, manganese, and other metals, and is Tetra Tech RTW’s leader in examining the emerging field of endocrine disruptors (EDCs).  He holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, a master’s degree in environmental engineering, and a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry. H. C. has taught and conducted detailed research in environmental chemistry as a former Assistant Professor of Chemistry at a major university in California.

Tetra Tech RTW is a multi-disciplined engineering firm providing specialized expertise in project planning, process engineering, facilities design, instrumentation & control, and construction engineering. Tetra Tech RTW is founded on the philosophy of developing high-quality projects by listening to our clients. With a strict attention to detail in planning, design and management, we design solutions that truly serve our clients needs. To learn more about Tetra Tech RTW’s professional services, technical products, or training, Contact Us today.

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