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Boulder Wastewater Plant Offers Tour to Other Wastewater Utilities and Comes One Step Closer to Completion

Denver, CO - June 12, 2008 - The newly expanded 75th Street Boulder Wastewater Treatment Plant is nearly complete, and offers the residents of Boulder an improved and expanded facility that further minimizes its environmental impact. The new design is intended to expand the facility's useful life, resolve capacity issues, upgrade the facilities, and result in a lower volume of solids to transport / process. The City of Boulder will benefit from lowered transportation costs and lessened traffic, which will be better for the environment. The new solids handling and dewatering facilities, centrate storage, and odor control facilities were designed by engineers from Rothberg, Tamburini & Winsor, Inc. (RTW).

The RMWEA (Rocky Mountain Section- American Water Works Association) Joint Technical Activities Committee (JTAC) will host a tour of the Wastewater Treatment Plant on Thursday, June 12th. RTW as well as City employees will be on site during the tour to give a summary of how the new solids facility operates. Brown and Caldwell (B&C) will also be onsite to demonstrate the unique teaming of the two local engineering firms. B&C was responsible for the design of the new liquid treatment facilities. Construction of the facility is not 100% complete, however the liquid and solids handling facilities are operating as planned.

Rothberg, Tamburini & Winsor, Inc. (RTW) leads domestic and international civil engineering projects in water and wastewater design from offices in Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins, Colorado; Elko and Las Vegas, Nevada; Savannah and Augusta, Georgia; and Phoenix, Arizona. Through a Spirit of Performance, RTW delivers projects in municipal, environmental mining, and utility and industrial systems' engineering, using innovative technologies, process science and teamwork to optimize client performance and environmental sustainability.

For more information, please visit www.RTWengineering.com, or contact Kathleen Gerdink, Marketing Director, Rothberg, Tamburini & Winsor, Inc., at 303-825-5999, or email KLG@RTWeng.com. For more information on the JTAC presentation and tour, please visit the RMWEA website at www.rmwea.org.

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