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The RTW Professional Engineers and Consultants, Inc. website is designed to work across several platforms and browsers. However, there are optimum platforms, settings and applications that one can use to view this site at it's intended potential.

The ideal configuration on which this site was designed to look it's best is on a Pentium III processor, running Windows 98, with a screen resolution of at least 600 x 800 pixels, and using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x, Mozilla Firefox 1.x or Netscape Navigator 7.x. However, this is the ideal, and this site, again is designed to run on several different configurations. This site utilizes Dynamic HTML technologies to acomplish dynamic drop-down menus and therefore, to enjoy these features an Internet browser of a 4.0 version or higher is required.

If you do not use a 4.0 browser or higher, the page will not look and function as intended, but it remains totally navigable throughout the entire site when one utilizes the redundant links at the bottom of the various pages on the site. A conserted effort has been put forth to ensure this site meets the World Wide Web Consortium's standards for XHTML, CSS and Web Content Accessability Guidelines. For further information, please contact the webmaster.

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