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Woodmoor Water Supply, Treatment, & Distribution SystemWoodmoor Water Treatment, Supply, & Distribution System Improvements

Tetra Tech RTW prepared a water and wastewater system long-range masterplan to give the Woodmoor Water and Sanitation District No. 1 guidance for budgeting and scheduling system improvements to serve ultimate buildout of the area. Initial improvements entailed a new water treatment plant, two new Arapahoe aquifer wells, extensive pipeline construction, and upgrade to an existing booster pump station.

The new 800-gpm Central Water Treatment Plant included a 4,200-sf building, two 400-gpm process trains, and a 72,000-gallon clearwell with backwash and high-service pumps. Process components comprised modular treatment units Woodmoor Water Supply, Treatment, & Distribution System with adsorption clarifiers and mixed-media filters, as well as chlorination and chemical-feed facilities. The plant was designed to allow for expansion to 1,200 gpm. We designed the electrical and control systems to included PLC logic for orderly plant shutdown and supported this system with a spare PLC for system backup.

Other system improvements encompassed upgrade of the South Booster Pump Station, development of Well 15 with a 245-hp variable-speed pump capable of producing 400 gpm, and development of Well 16 with a capacity of 300 gpm. Tetra Tech RTW also designed approximately 20,000 feet of 6", 10", and 12" water mains parallel to existing lines that were too small and added to the existing system for increasing fire protection capabilities. Several pressure-reducing valves were replaced as well.


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