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Tetra Tech RTW performs professional consulting and engineering services for storage, transmission, distribution, pumping (vertical turbine, horizontal and vertical centrifugal, and positive-displacement pumps), treatment, and source protection/development infrastructure facilities. Projects involve reviewing plant facility operations and related factors to determine measures for optimizing capacity and improving facility operations and operations efficiency. We are familiar with the current status of drinking water regulations and assist clients in evaluating their facilities for regulatory compliance.

Tetra Tech RTW's water treatment plant expertise spans feasibility and design through plant startup and ongoing operation and maintenance. We have a working knowledge of process control strategies, chemical feeding and handling, pumping, and equipment selection for surface water and groundwater treatment. Tetra Tech RTW has designed processes to resolve groundwater issues with iron and manganese; radioactivity, organics, inorganics, corrosivity, and hardness; and surface water problems involving varying turbidity, corrosivity, taste and odor, color, and colloidal particles. We are also well versed in computer simulation modeling of water systems and have designed both gravity-flow and pumped-flow installations, as well as pump intake systems for both lake and river applications.

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