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Tetra Tech RTW offers comprehensive engineering services in wastewater collection, treatment, reuse, disposal, and solids management. Our treatment expertise includes advanced wastewater processes and effluent reuse, as well as laboratory-, pilot-, and full-scale process development and testing for difficult-to-treat wastes.

Treatment plant designs have entailed aerated lagoons; conventional and extended-air activated sludge plants; oxidation/anoxic ditches with effluent filtration; trickling filter, rotating biological contactor, and microfiltration plants; as well as the associated piping, pumping, and lift stations. We have also designed plant upgrades and expansions to resolve problems involving inadequate capacity, corrosion, operating failures, discharge permit violations, and excessive odor. Our plans and designs typically incorporate solids management including: thickening, conditioning, dewatering, stabilization, pathogen reduction, disposal, and odor control.

Tetra Tech RTW also provides hydraulic analysis, design, and construction engineering services for collection systems that range from simple gravity sewerline extensions to force mains with pump station complexes. These systems are designed for varying site conditions: high groundwater, shallow bedrock, very cold climates, corrosive soils, and stream and highway crossings.

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