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Office & Field Services

Tetra Tech RTW's staff possesses considerable experience in providing engineering services during construction on a wide range of projects. This experience gives us the ability to assess the appropriate level of services for each situation as well as to select and assign the best-suited personnel for your projects.

Office engineering services during construction include reviewing submittals for conformance to contract documents; generating and processing correspondence necessary for any given situation; reviewing and processing contractor pay requests; as well as developing or reviewing necessary change orders. Our office engineers generally visit the construction site on a regular basis to observe progress and monitor quality when the scope of the project does not require field representative services.

Field engineering services during construction can include either part- or full-time resident project representatives to monitor construction progress and conformance of the constructed project with drawings, specifications, and reviewed submittals. Our experienced field staff has served on projects ranging from pipeline installation to construction of complex, multi-million-dollar process plants.

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