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Sage Port Water Treatment PlantSage Port Water Treatment Plant

Tetra Tech RTW provided site selection, design services, plan and specification preparation, governmental agency coordination, contract administration, and construction observation for this 100-gpm groundwater treatment plant. The plant used two adsorption clarifiers and gravity/mixed-media filters with a capacity of 50 gpm each, which can be expanded to a total of six such units for a maximum capacity of 300 gpm. The system design was flexible enough to accommodate the existing well and pumping conditions and handle the Sage Port Water Treatment Plantaddition of future wells with varying pumping capacities. Removal of iron and manganese was provided by injection of chlorine gas (from the existing system) and potassium permanganate prior to filtration. Final disinfection was provided by a sodium hypochlorite system. Finished water was pumped into the distribution system or into a holding tank at pressures nearing 300 psi. Additional items included a PLC, fully automated backwash and flushing cycles, a clearwell, waste water storage, a new metal structure with climate control, and miscellaneous site piping.


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