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Residual Management Studies

Tetra Tech RTW has considerable experience with water and wastewater residuals handling facility planning, design, construction management, and wastewater plant odor control issues. This experience includes characterization of water/wastewater solids quantity and quality and evaluation and design of solids thickening and dewatering facilities, including drying beds, centrifuges, and belt filter presses. We have extensive experience with headworks and liquid treatment facilities; DAF and rotary drum thickening; aerobic and anaerobic digestion; and compost and air-drying facilities for municipal and industrial plants.

Our project approach to residuals management studies follows a methodical economic and noneconomic evaluation of technologies and alternatives, narrowing to a single preferred management strategy that best meets the client's long-term needs. Evaluation criteria includes: relative costs; labor requirements; operational complexity; reliability; maintenance requirements; flexibility/adaptability; regulatory impact; odor generation; environmental compatibility/impact; relative onsite and offsite land requirements; as well as public acceptability/impact.

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