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Water Quality Studies

Tetra Tech RTW has extensive experience in water chemistry, water corrosion, and corrosion control. We have worked on several projects involving: iron removal, corrosion control, taste and odor, overall water stability as well as design of numerous water treatment systems specifically for the removal of iron.

We have also been involved with a number of projects where stabilizing aggressive or scaling waters has been required. We subsequently developed the Rothberg, Tamburini & Winsor Model for Water Process and Corrosion Chemistry. This model, marketed by the American Water Works Association, simplifies the complex calculations required to analyze water stability and develop appropriate treatment techniques.

Tetra Tech RTW also has experience in dealing with highly corrosive and mineralized waters, which has provided us a thorough understanding of material selection and other approaches in dealing with these waters. Example projects include the Bureau of Reclamation's Paradox Valley Salinity Control Project and the Glenwood Springs Hot Springs Pool.

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