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Price Park Reservoir Rehabilitation

Price Park Reservoir comprised two treated-water storage basins: a 7-mg tank and a 2-mg tank. These basins were enclosed with metal sidewalls and roof structures. Water quality suffered considerably because of cracking in the metal structures and support columns. Tetra Tech RTW investigated the possibility of elevating the 2-mg tank to increase water pressure in one of the City's pressure zones. We also examined alternatives to rehabilitate the tanks and provided cost estimates for each option.

The cracks and expansion joints in both concrete basins were repaired. However, the 7-mg tank renovation was by far the most complicated of the two. This award-winning renovation involved using a National Sanitation Foundation-approved lining to encase the entire interior tank surface, which would assure a long-term, leakproof enclosure. Leakproofing the structure would greatly improve stored water quality and extend tank life by at least 20 years.

This basin's enclosure was completely reconstructed with a new standing seam metal roof deck over the existing framing. A fluted concrete block replaced the metal walls, allowing increased structure security and enhancing structure appearance. A light tan-colored block with color-coordinated mortar was used to merge the structure with its surroundings. New drainage gutters were constructed and lined with a membrane to assure waterproofing of the channels.

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