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Pinewood Springs Water System Improvements

Tetra Tech RTW provided analysis, design, and construction engineering services for groundwater and surface water supply development. Investigation involved physical inspection of the system, checking wells for depth and capacity, measuring pump volumes, installing and calibrating meters, and analyzing the condition and operation of controls. The project involved computer analysis of the water system and design of a new 500,000-gallon water storage tank; interzone pumping stations and pressure-reducing stations; telemetry; and chlorination facilities. We also recommended additional sources of water supply after evaluating the production of the existing infiltration gallery, wells, and springs.

As a separate project, Tetra Tech RTW designed a water filtration plant. The design included a filtration building, site and interior piping, backwash pump and pond with reclaim pump, and an electrical and control system for installation of a two-train, dual-stage, skid-mounted filter system. The new facility was required to function within the parameters established by the existing infiltration gallery and pump station. Services also involved evaluating construction of the facility within the 100-year floodplain and obtaining the necessary permits from the state and county agencies.

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