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Paradox Valley Salinity Control SCADA System UpgradeParadox Valley Salinity Control
Pumping & SCADA System Upgrades

Tetra Tech RTW provided assistance for this design-build project that included replacement of three existing 40,000-lb triplex positive-displacement piston pumps with four smaller quintuplex positive-displacement plunger pumps. Design included modification of the existing brine injection facility building by providing pump layout, piping configuration, pipe support requirements, elevated FRP maintenance walkway details, and Paradox Valley Salinity Control Pumping Upgrade miscellaneous appurtenances for operating pumps at injection pressures of 5,000 psi.

Tetra Tech RTW also updated logic in an existing PLC control system. The system comprised two sites (three PLCs) connected by an Allen-Bradley data highway. We replaced the existing computers and SCADA software at both sites and modified communication between the sites to allow control of the full facility from either site. We redesigned the SCADA system architecture, modified the PLC programming to implement new control features requested by the Bureau, and developed graphical interface screens using Intellution FIX DMACS software.




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