Tetra Tech RTW

Yellowstone National Park
Old Faithful Wastewater Treatment Plant

Tetra Tech RTW performed a wastewater treatment alternatives study and designed the selected improvement alternative-the single-basin nutrient removal process. The project involved converting the two existing evaporation/percolation ponds to two geofabric-lined earthen aeration basins and a sludge holding pond. Both aeration basins were followed by secondary clarifiers. The 0.5-mgd plant was designed to operate in extended-aeration mode with nitrification and denitrification. Associated equipment included headworks with septage receiving capabilities, blowers, WAS and RAS pumps, standby generation, and drying beds. All process equipment was housed in a brown split-face block building. Work also involved converting the existing effluent pump station to a raw wastewater pump station, relocating the existing sewage grinder to the pump station, and relocating the existing forcemain.

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