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Electrical/Instrumentation & Control

Tetra Tech RTW's electrical engineers are well versed in power distribution, standby power generation, instrumentation and controls, communication and alarm systems, and interior and exterior lighting for public and private facilities. Our services entail energy analysis and management via in-plant energy auditing and value engineering for energy efficiency. Our staff also provides as-needed field I & C services for a number of water and wastewater plants.

Tetra Tech RTW offers Process Control Auditing, providing information on existing control limitations and solutions to improve the plant process.

Tetra Tech RTW offers extensive SCADA, DCS, PLC, redundant and backup control, and telemetry system design and programming services, coupled with a sound understanding of water and wastewater process control. We have implemented control logic for processes, such as plant influent monitoring and control, automated chemical-feed control, analytic data acquisition and laboratory monitoring, blower and aeration control, and level control. Our engineers have implemented strategies from very simple manual loops to highly complex multivariable control.

Tetra Tech RTW's electrical engineers have designed power distribution systems involving overhead and underground distribution; protective relaying; standby generators; uninterruptable power systems; circuit breaker and fuse coordination; as well as short circuit and load studies. Our engineers are also adept with a wide range of distribution and cabling equipment.

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