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Crooked Creek Facility Plan & Site Application

Tetra Tech RTW completed and submitted for State approval a wastewater facility plan and site application for the proposed Crooked Creek Ranch wastewater treatment plant. The proposed plant, a 33,000-gpd rotating biological contactor-based system, needed to meet stringent ammonia and residual chlorine limits. A wide variety of low-technology and mechanical treatment systems were considered during development of the site application due to the relatively small plant size, nearby wetlands, the restricted availability of land for biosolids land application, and local concerns. Tetra Tech RTW also provided streamflow and water quality information to the State to support revision of the proposed stream standards and permit discharge limits.

An approved site application was required as part of the 1041 approval process in Grand County. The Crooked Creek Ranch development generated tremendous public interest because of concerns about growth and land use. County-wide land-use concerns and the County's lack of an updated 201 facility plan further complicated the approval process. Tetra Tech RTW spoke extensively with county officials regarding treatment facility alternatives and preliminary design. As a result, the site application and 1041 permit were approved.

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