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Crested Butte South Wastewater Treatment PlantCrested Butte South
Wastewater Treatment Masterplan & Plant Expansion

Tetra Tech RTW completed a wastewater treatment masterplan for the District to serve as a guide for facility expansion needs, determine funding requirements, and provide documentation for expansion applications to regulatory agencies. Tetra Tech RTW had previously produced an areawide 201 Facilities Plan for Upper East River Valley in Gunnison County. As a result of this study, several existing facilities were designated as regional plants, helping to remove small systems and some Individual Septic Disposal Systems from the valley.

Part of this effort involved conducting a CPE Crested 
Butte South Wastewater Treatment Plantto determine the maximum treatment potential of the existing 0.04-mgd plant. The District wanted to limit capital expenditure on new facilities. Therefore, Tetra Tech RTW recommended expansion in two phases, 0.10 mgd in the interim term and 0.27 mgd in the long term, and allowed for reuse of used equipment and steel tankage from a decommissioned Coors Ceramics wastewater treatment plant in Grand Junction. Tetra Tech RTW estimated capital costs, outlined project phasing, and prepared a project implementation schedule.

The used steel tankage was reused for an aeration basin, a clarifier, and a biosolids digestion addition, and several new features were added to improve operations. Included in these improvements was a UV disinfection system.

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