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Broomfield Wastewater Collection SystemCity of Broomfield
Wastewater Collection System Masterplan

Tetra Tech RTW prepared a wastewater collection system masterplan that included an I&I investigation, master planning services for existing and future service areas, and development of a GIS data base and hydraulic model of the City's wastewater collection facilities.

The I&I evaluation, which consisted of two weeks of continuous flow monitoring at ten locations throughout the City's system, was used to approximate extraneous flow in the wastewater collection system. Master planning services included wastewater flow projections for future service areas based on land-use designations for future development. An alternatives analysis was performed to evaluate whether these additional Broomfield Wastewater Collection Systemflows should be conveyed to an adjacent wastewater treatment plant or whether the City should expand their own wastewater treatment plant. Projected wastewater flows were then used to determine the size of the sewer that would serve the future serve areas.

Tetra Tech RTW also developed a GIS data base that incorporated information on the City's entire wastewater collection system, such as pipe size, slope, bury depth, and other relevant parameters. This data base was then imported into a hydraulic model that was used to evaluate various flow scenarios for the City. This hydraulic model would allow the City to evaluate the impact of future development and growth on the wastewater collection system.

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