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Breckenridge Sanitation District
Wastewater Treatment Planning & Construction Improvements

RTW provided consulting engineering services to the District for improvements to the 3-mgd plant, which employs phosphorus removal and ammonia removal.

We designed a fine-bubble grid aeration system, which included piping to route excess air from the existing centrifugal blowers and controls to prevent surging. This system replaced a submerged turbine aeration system and significantly reduced aeration costs and noise in the basin area. It was completed on a fast-track schedule. RTW also designed a unique aeration system for the District's flow equalization facility.

RTW also designed a 20,000-gallon septage holding tank with pretreatment capabilities to allow the plant to receive and process increasing septage in the District's service area. The tank was integrated into the existing metal building structure and included a chopper pump to convey septage to the plant headworks, metering, controls, and chlorination and aeration systems.

We completed a wastewater masterplan that included the potential for locating and designing a new plant as well as expanding the existing one. Tasks included determining population and flow projections and recommended treatment capacity; addressing streamflow issues, federal and state regulations, and effluent reuse; and evaluating treatment alternatives. The project required using Arc/Info software to update and extend the existing GIS data base to quickly and efficiently complete SSTAs for existing development and development planned for over the following 20 years.

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