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Aztec Water Treatment PlantAztec Water Treatment Plant Expansion

The City of Aztec experienced increased growth and demands on the existing 2.5-mgd water treatment plant and subsequently needed to increase the treatment plant capacity. It was important to increase this capacity quickly in order to avoid enforcing water restrictions during peak summer-day usage.

Initially, Tetra Tech RTW completed a predesign report to analyze economical treatment alternatives. The resulting recommendation was installation of two 2.0-mgd package treatment plants housed in a new metal building directly adjacent to the existing plant. Recommended improvements also included increasing the existing clearwell chlorine contact time, increasing backwash pump capacity, Aztec Water Treatment Plantincreasing high-service pump capacity, and modifications to the chemical feed systems.

Tetra Tech RTW designed the 4.0-mgd expansion based on the City-approved predesign report, provided services for periodic construction observation, detailed as-built drawings, and plant startup and troubleshooting.





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