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Avon Water Treatment PlantAvon Water Treatment Plant Expansion

Tetra Tech RTW provided planning, design, and construction engineering of a surface water treatment plant expansion from 5 mgd to 10 mgd. The project involved evaluation of short-term improvements to increase plant efficiency followed by design of facility improvements that included new chemical feed systems; rapid mix, flocculation, and sedimentation modifications; filter backwash management; and backwash waste reclaim system improvements with all associated electrical and control systems. The project also entailed addition of administration, laboratory, control center, locker room, and restroom facilities. A new river intake and raw water booster pump station were designed to provide 10-mgd firm capacity from the Eagle River. Operations interface was improved by designing a three-tiered control system with capability for full plant automation with a user-friendly computer system, remote PLCs, and Avon Water Treatment Plantlocal automated control.

Features of the new intake included a grouted-boulder diversion dam constructed in the river to direct low-winter flow to the intake and stream bank rehabilitation. Tetra Tech RTW designed the pump station to handle flows from both the new diversion and the earlier diversion from an irrigation ditch headgate. This design incorporated a series of interconnected intakes and reuse of gravity feed piping into the plant as force main. Tetra Tech RTW used new technology for the intake screen.


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