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Town of Windsor 201 Facility Plan & Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

Tetra Tech RTW developed a 201 facility plan for recommending short- and long-term wastewater treatment strategies. We analyzed existing facilities and projected wasteloads. Four options were evaluated; the option pursued involved upgrading the existing plant to handle existing Windsor Wastewater Treatment Plant customers and to meet tougher effluent standards. Tetra Tech RTW prepared a site application for State approval and assisted the Town in acquiring funding from the State Revolving Loan Fund.

Tetra Tech RTW designed a 1.5-mgd extended-aeration activated sludge plant that reused most of the existing facilities. One existing lagoon was converted to two earthen aeration basins where nitrification and denitrification occur by modifying aeration times and cycling anoxic zones into the basins. Secondary clarifiers with sludge pumping and treatment facilities were added where a second lagoon already existed. The third lagoon was used for biosolids storage and treatment. Other new facilities included a blower and pumping building, PLC-based control system, UV disinfection facilities, distribution piping, and a 24" influent forcemain. Tetra Tech RTW was also responsible for construction administration and inspection, startup and troubleshooting, operator training, and O&M manuals.

Two years after construction, Tetra Tech RTW conducted a plant evaluation and submitted an application to the State for recertification. The plant was subsequently rerated for a 2.8-mgd capacity.

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