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Industrial Mining Project Experience

Tetra Tech RTW’s real-world experience with a broad range of water-related and geotechnical / environmental engineering services are gained from projects completed throughout North and South America. The following sections highlight many of the specialized services that Tetra Tech RTW mine-operations-support provides, including Heap Leach Facility Design, Tailings Facility Design, Tailings Delivery Systems, and Mining Process Fluid Management.

Marigold Mine Heap Leach Facility Design
Tetra Tech RTW recently completed three leach pad designs, one of which included an additional lined pregnant solution pond. For all three projects, pad stability and solution segregation and transmission were important technical issues. Construction on two of the three pad facilities was ongoing throughout the 2006 construction season. Tetra Tech RTW is also providing construction quality assurance and construction management services for these projects along with design and construction QA/QC of over 1.1 million square feet of containment area for the multi-stage project.

Jerritt Canyon Mine, Tailings Facility Design
Elko, Nevada

Preliminary design of Tailings Facility No.2, including alternatives analysis and review, site investigation, dam design, stability, and water balance.

Barrick Goldstrike Mine, Tailings Delivery System
Elko, Nevada

Performance evaluation of existing tailings delivery system and design of cost-saving modifications for future tailings raises. Project included modification of existing delivery system, design of tailings head tank, and redesign of gravity tailings distribution header system.

Asarco Hayden Concentrator, Tailings Delivery System
Hayden, Arizona

Performance evaluation of existing system. Modification of existing pumping systems resulting in $150,000 annual power savings. Design of future expansion including new delivery line, new two stage pumping, improved discharge design.

Sunshine Mining Pirquitas Project, Tailings Delivery System

Design of tailings delivery system for new mine at 14,000 feet in the Andes Mountains.



Ore Yard Storm Water Containment System
East Helena, Montana

Design of a collection system and secondary –contained storage reservoir for management of storm water runoff from an ore storage yard at an operating smelter. The design involved passive addition of polymer during storm events for increased settling capability.

SPCC Quebrada Honda Tailings Delivery System

Redesign of 30 km gravity tailings launder to eliminate catastrophic abrasion of the concrete structure. Design of reclaim pump station upgrade.

Boulder Valley Discharge Project, Barrick Gold Mine
Elko, Nevada

Tetra Tech RTW provided civil and hydraulic engineering components for mine dewatering treatment plant with 50-mgd capacity. Work tasks included predesign and final design of all site piping; influent flow control and pressure reduction; buried vaults; effluent energy dissipation; clarifier sludge waste pumping, piping, and lagoons; sludge decant return system; and site grading, drainage, electrical and mechanical design for operations building, and assistance with process engineering.

Tailings Pipeline Emergency and Storm Water Containment, Barrick Goldstrike Mines
Elko, Nevada

Tetra Tech RTW prepared a comprehensive design to modify an existing tailings corridor for storm water and emergency flows. Design included HDPE-lined containment corridor with concrete emergency containment basin designed for easy sediment removal.

Acid Mine Drainage Collection and Pump Back System
Zortman, Montana

Design of a lined collection reservoir for storm water runoff from an acid-generating waste dump. The system included a pump station design to return up to 500 gpm of pH 2 storm water runoff.

Pregnant Solution Pond and Waste Pad Construction
Carlin, Nevada

When a client needed additional waste rock storage area, Tetra Tech RTW assisted with relocation of an existing pregnant solution and storm water pond system to make room for construction of an expanded waste pad. Tetra Tech RTW designed a new combined draindown ad storm water lined facility outside the footprint of the new waste repository.

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