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Tetra Tech RTW’s real-world experience with a broad range of water-related and geotechnical/environmental engineering services are gained from projects completed throughout North and South America.  The following sections highlight many of the specialized services that Tetra Tech RTW provides.

Heap Leach Facility Design
Tetra Tech RTW staff members have experience in the design, permitting, construc­tion and reclamation / closure of heap leach facilities covering the past 20 years.  The design experience involves the complete range of pad, heap and solution management issues. 

Tailings Facility Design
Tetra Tech RTW staff members have experience in the design, permitting, construction and reclamation/ closure of tailings facilities covering the past 20 years.  The design experience involves the complete range of geotechnical investigation and analysis, mass balance and stability evaluation, structure design and lining assessment and design, and fluid management including reclaim and seepage pumpback system design.    Representative examples include: 

Tailings Delivery System
Whether delivered by gravity or staged pumping systems, tailings delivery systems are a significant capital investment.  Tetra Tech RTW personnel have developed detailed modeling capabilities to provide realistic estimates of system losses for non-Newtonian fluids.  Tetra Tech RTW designs these slurry delivery systems to operate under a wide range of solids specific gravity and solids content.  Experience includes designing delivery systems as long as 40 km and with as many as four pumping stages. Individual project engineer experience includes the following:

Mining Process Fluid Management
The Tetra Tech RTW project team is experienced at determining the need for and the design of secondary containment systems.  Tetra Tech RTW staff provides rapid and cost-effective assistance to aid compliance with secondary containment requirements for tailings reclaim water, pregnant solution, acidic drainage, and impacted storm water.  In-house electrical, mechanical, and piping engineers assist with value engineering, system design, and construction management.

 Mine Reclamation
The Tetra Tech RTW team has many years of experience working with the mineral industry and provides broad engineering and environmental services required to develop innovative solutions for remediation of mining and mineral processing sites throughout the country. Tetra Tech RTW staff have worked at many challenging and environmentally sensitive sites including in and around Yellowstone National Park, the large Leadville Colorado mining complex, and several sites throughout Montana and Nevada.

Tetra Tech RTW staff recently developed and hosted the Mining, Forest & Land Restoration Symposium in Denver, Colorado.  This event was sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  The conference focused on the successful use of residuals, biosolids, and organic matter for reclamation activities. 

Water management is the most significant issue in nearly all mine reclamation projects.  Thorough reclamation plans should address the long-term mobility of potential pollutants.  Tetra Tech RTW uses the latest in modeling methods to develop economic and effective soil covers for mining waste materials.  Typically Tetra Tech RTW uses the HELP model to develop a rough screening of potential cover alternatives.  More thorough multiphase modeling is then performed to estimate the site’s reaction to precipitation cycles.  Tetra Tech RTW strongly recommends the collection and use of site-specific soil suction properties when at this stage of cover design.  Tetra Tech RTW is committed to providing economic and scientifically sound reclamation plans.  This approach is to tailor the methods used and concepts considered to the site-specific conditions of the project and needs of the client.

Arsenic Treatment Technologies

Cyanide Management

Representative Industrial Mining Project Experience

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