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Laboratory Capabilities

Tetra Tech RTW offers a variety of in-house and on-site laboratory services.

Tetra Tech RTW's in-house process laboratory includes an Olympus BX-40 phase-contrast microscope with a TV monitor and digital camera-mount, providing excellent imaging, identification, and recording capabilities. In addition, the process laboratory has the ability to achieve relevant data via jar-testing, respirometry, and analysis for various water quality parameters including: dissolved oxygen, pH, alkalinity, hardness, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, COD, BOD, turbidity, and free chlorine. Additionally, Tetra Tech RTW has ready access to an inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrograph (ICP-AES) instrument for determinations of metals concentrations in water samples. All of Tetra Tech RTW's laboratory services are readily available to clients as needed to support project or troubleshooting demands.

Many of Tetra Tech RTW's laboratory capabilities can also be transported to client sites to support data collection efforts in the field without placing an undue burden upon client personnel or client equipment. These data collection efforts can occur both at bench-scale and at pilot-scale, depending upon project requirements.

Tetra Tech RTW's laboratory services are classified into four broad categories:

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