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Glenwood Springs Hot Springs Lodge & PoolGlenwood Springs Hot Springs Lodge & Pool
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Glenwood Hot Springs Resort exists around Yampa Hot Spring, which flows approximately 2,500 gpm of 122°F highly mineralized water. The facilities include a 107-room lodge, a 91,000-gallon 104°F "therapy pool," and a 1-mg 89° to 90°F main pool with an ozone disinfection system and a series of heat exchangers for overall temperature control.

Piecemeal improvements done over the previous 100 years resulted in operational problems. Tetra Tech RTW prioritized, designed, and implemented a series of improvements: changes to the in-pool distribution of filtered and disinfected water, improved ventilation of ozone and the filter process building, revised pool fill and filter backwash feed piping, changes in construction materials for components in contact with the spring water, improvements to the pool circulating-water control system, and changes in heat-exchanger operating procedures.

Glenwood Springs Hot Springs Lodge & Pool

Tetra Tech RTW's evaluation of the heat-exchange system focused on the client's unique problem of excess heat. To develop an effective operating strategy for the system, we reviewed flow and temperature data representing various weather conditions, bather loads, and raw water and electrical billings. We constructed a pool operation model that was simpler than that previously applied and reduced raw water use. These improvements were achieved at low or no cost since no heat-exchanger upgrades or major piping modifications were required.

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