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In addition to comprehensive Engineering Services for municipal and industrial water and wastewater facilities, Tetra Tech RTW is often called upon to provide consulting expertise to resolve some of the most challenging management, process, and planning issues in engineering today. With a diverse staff of civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, microbiologists and chemists, and utilities consultants, Tetra Tech RTW can work with clients to solve complex operational, design, process, industrial, max-day, and performance challenges. Consulting experience includes Plant Operations & Troubleshooting, IT Turnkey & Controls, Arsenic Treatment Technologies, Industrial Mining, Municipal & District Consulting, On-site Training, RTW Webservices, and Tetra Tech RTW Training & Education consulting services.

The Tetra Tech RTW Applied Research Group evaluates the science and engineering behind technologies so that Tetra Tech RTW’s process and design groups remain current and are able to predict the performance of a specific technology upon installation, including: potential for success, limitations, economics, and impacts on O&M.

Arsenic Treatment Technologies

Tetra Tech RTW has extensive experience implementing treatment technologies for arsenic removal. Staff is experienced in removing arsenic from water for drinking water purposes and wastewater discharge needs.  Systems run from small potable drinking water systems to large dewatering operations requiring arsenic removal to meet effluent discharge requirements.   Tetra Tech RTW has performed ground-breaking research into the treatment and removal of antimony, a contaminant often found in concert with arsenic near mineralized ore bodies.  This knowledge allows us to provide new water treatment alternatives that previously had few options – thus allowing clients to tackle mining operations previously too difficult to mine.

Arsenic Treatment Technologies

Plant Operations and Trouble Shooting

Tetra Tech RTW's engineering staff includes several certified water and wastewater operators who can evaluate your facility and work directly with your own operations staff to troubleshoot any plant or process problems. Our expertise in the area of biological evaluation, including filamentous microorganism identification, and respirometry are unique resources that can provide added benefit to your operations.

Operations Assistance Operations Plans Laboratory Capabilities
Comprehensive Performance Evaluations Composite Corrections Programs Respirometry
Filamentous Microorganism Identification Energy Savings  

Industrial Mining

Tetra Tech RTW’s real-world experience with a broad range of water-related and geotechnical / environmental engineering services are gained from projects completed throughout North and South America.  The following sections highlight many of the specialized services that Tetra Tech RTW provides: Heap leach facility design, Tailings facilities design, Tailings delivery systems, and Mining process fluid management.

Industrial Mining

IT Turn-key & Control Solutions

Tetra Tech RTW's services include electrical, control and IT engineering services that range from evaluations, consulting, and design to turn-key systems, upgrades, and on going maintenance. Our solutions allow process facilities to integrate monitoring, control, data acquisition, remote access, and information sharing throughout the facility. Tetra Tech RTW can go beyond the traditional engineering role of developing the design and specification of equipment and components for others to supply, to supplying complete turnkey systems including hardware, software, programming, startup, as well as on-going maintenance of systems, including field instrumentation, distributed and central controllers, MMI's and the related programming.

Field Instrumentation and Control SCADA Process Control Auditing

Municipal/District Consulting

Tetra Tech RTW provides the full spectrum of consulting services for municipalities and special districts from Master Planning to review of system standards. Members of our staff serve as city and district engineers for a number of clients and can assist the individual community in planning for growth, design of facilities and systems, as well as implementation of specific engineering projects.

Municipal Consulting District Consulting Plan Review
  System Standards  
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On-Site System Training

A unique component of Tetra Tech RTW's consulting services is On-Site System Training. We provide client-specific training in many areas, including but not limited to SCADA, process control systems, and respirometry. Our engineers will come to your facility and spend the time necessary to train your staff on new systems that we have designed for your facility and/or modifications that have been made to your processes. It is Tetra Tech RTW's philosophy that the transfer of knowledge to our clients' staff is a key component in all of our projects.

SCADA System Respirometry Client-Specific
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Tetra Tech RTW Webservices

As part of Tetra Tech RTW's Consulting Services, we provide our clients with Tetra Tech RTW Webservices, a broad offering of solutions for today's techological business environment. Water and wastewater facilities can foster goodcommunity relations by providing on-line information about their services and programs. Maintaining an updated website is a valuable tool for municipalities and districts to inform the public about service changes, billing options and all public relations-related facts. Tetra Tech RTW Webservices can also help you build and maintain an intranet. An intranet is an internal internet. It looks and feels the same as the web, but is internal to an organization. Some of the many services available from Tetra Tech RTW Webservices include:

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Consulting Services Project Highlights

Tetra Tech RTW has completed numerous consulting projects for our clients. The following is a representative list of these projects which are linked directly to these projects' individal descriptions.

South Charleston Sewage Treatment Company

Crested Butte South Wastewater Treatment Plant

Glenwood Springs Hot Springs Lodge & Pool

West Jefferson County Metro District

City of Louisville Wastewater Treatment Plant

Plum Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

Teton Village Wastewater Treatment Plant

Thornton Wastewater Pump Station

Town of Windsor Wastewater Treatment Plant

Arsenic Treatment Projects

Industrial Mining Projects

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Consulting Services
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