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Arsenic Treatment Technologies

Tetra Tech RTW has extensive experience implementing treatment technologies for arsenic removal. Staff is experienced in removing arsenic from water for drinking water purposes and wastewater discharge needs.  Systems run from small potable drinking water systems to large dewatering operations requiring arsenic removal to meet effluent discharge requirements.   Tetra Tech RTW has performed ground-breaking research into the treatment and removal of antimony, a contaminant often found in concert with arsenic near mineralized ore bodies.  This knowledge allows us to provide new water treatment alternatives that previously had few options – thus allowing clients to tackle mining operations previously too difficult to mine.

“While many treatment technologies may work for a given situation, most often only a few provide the ease of operation and low operational costs required by our clients.  Our job is to find the right technology for the right application.”    Tetra Tech RTW Team Designer

Representative Arsenic Treatment Project Experience

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