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"Instructors really care about their work and topics - their energy shows during their classes" - ASPC Student, October 2007

"Instructors were amazing" - ASPC Student, May 2007

H. C. Liang, Ph.D. brings expertise in teaching and water chemistry, with more than 18 years of experience in research, having published over twenty papers in peer-reviewed journals- including several on aqueous chemistry research.  H.C. specializes in chemical processes for the removal of inorganic contaminants including arsenic, manganese, and other metals, and is Tetra Tech RTW’s leader in examining the emerging field of endocrine disruptors (EDCs).  He holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, a master’s degree in environmental engineering, and a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry. H. C. has taught and conducted detailed research in environmental chemistry as a former Assistant Professor of Chemistry at a major university in California. HC.Laing@tetratech.com

Ronald G. Schuyler, P.E., B.C.E.E.* is an experienced engineer and microbiologist leading operator training, facility evaluations, process design and process troubleshooting.  With an M.S. in Microbiology and a B.S. in Civil Engineering, Ron offers students a well-rounded training experience in wastewater processes, activated sludge systems, process controls and operations. Prior experience at the Colorado Department of Health and over 20 years of hands-on training experience have allowed Ron to develop curricula that help other scientists, universities, lab technicians, operators and plant managers increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their own facilities, saving time and money, and achieving regulatory compliance. In addition to his engineering certifications and training expertise, Ron is also a Certified Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator with experience in water and wastewater facility evaluation, siting and plans and specifications review; in managing facility evaluations, construction grants, discharge permits, water quality data gathering, standards development and enforcement programs; and in developing design criteria, reuse policies, treatment standards and regulations. Ron.Schuyler@tetratech.com

Joe R. Tamburini, P.E., Senior Engineer, has provided comprehensive plant evaluations, planning, design, and construction adminis­tration services, as well as led technical presentations and training in Activated Sludge Troubleshooting.  Projects have included municipal/public works infrastruc­ture design including water and wastewater treatment plants, pump stations and transmission mains, water and waste­water collection systems in addition to process troubleshooting and optimization for several industrial clients.  He has performed various wastewater treatment plant evaluations which have successfully improved performance, reduced operating costs, and enhanced existing systems to meet biological nutrient removal requirements.  He has expertise in developing various computer modeling and process simulation tools for water, wastewater and air emissions. Joe.R.Tamburini@tetratech.com

Steve Tamburini, P.E., Project Engineer – Steve is a project engineer with specialized background in wastewater process design and consulting, and often helps to lead Biological Nutrient Removal training.  His wastewater treatment experience includes:  computer simulated process modeling, capacity evaluations; troubleshooting; and, writing operations and maintenance manuals. His water system experience includes drinking water treatment process design, operation, commissioning, long range planning, and computer modeling as well. Steve.Tamburini@tetratech.com

*B.C.E.E  is a professional certification by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers as a Board Certified Environmental Engineer

For more information, contact Tetra Tech RTW at: 303-825-5999 or rtw.training@tetratech.com.

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