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Tetra Tech RTW Diploma Series

The first formalized diploma series is the Tetra Tech RTW ASPC Diploma, certifying students’ completion of over 78 contact hours of continuing education. By signing up in advance, participants in the Tetra Tech RTW Diploma Programs can ensure that they join the ranks of the most highly trained individuals in their field. Utilities and industrial plants can also realize significant savings through training packages and enhanced optimization of operations upon completion of the relevant courses.

The Tetra Tech RTW ASPC Diploma is a comprehensive training and education program in the operation, operational design and optimization of activated sludge systems. Upon completion of this program, students will have advanced understanding of process controls, regulatory compliance, real-world troubleshooting tips, and process microbiology. Whether exploring basic concepts in Activated Sludge Process Control, digging deeper into microbiology in Under the Microscope, delving into the complexities of nutrient removal in Biological Nutrient Removal, or honing skills in Activated Sludge Troubleshooting & Optimization, each course has been time-tested to provide exceptional value and insight to attendees.  

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Diploma Curriculum
Although Tetra Tech RTW provides flexibility for Diploma candidates, attendees are nevertheless encouraged to take courses in the following progressive sequence.  First, Activated Sludge Process Control  serves as a foundation course for the program, providing broad overviews and introducing key concepts for all wastewater professionals.  Next, equipped with the tools from Activated Sludge Process Control, candidates are best prepared for either Under the Microscope (offered only once per year) or Biological Nutrient Removal. Finally, a student can complete their training and bring together all the lessons learned with the Activated Sludge Troubleshooting & Optimization course.

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Diploma Requirements
    1.  Pre-register in Tetra Tech RTW ASPC Diploma  program and pay registration fee of $199.
    2.  Complete required courses:
                Activated Sludge Process Control  (21 Hours*)
                Biological Nutrient Removal  (15 Hours*)
                Under the Microscope  (21 Hours*)
                Activated Sludge Troubleshooting  (21 Hours*)
    3.   Submit assigned student registration number each time you register for a class.
    4.  Complete the above required courses within 30 months of registration (diploma is non-transferable).

Diploma Benefits

  • Upon payment, receive Basic Wastewater Math ($60 value) OR Basic Chemistry for Wastewater ($80 value). Books to help you pre-class and at your facility.
  • Complimentary personal copy of the Tetra Tech RTW Ciliated Protozoa ID Keys ($30 value).
  • Receive 10% off all purchases of Tetra Tech RTW Technical Products while in the program.
  • While regular Tetra Tech RTW students must register 30 days in advance for course discounts, Tetra Tech RTW Diploma enrollees receive their discounts up to 7days prior to classes - - $100 off ASPC, Micro & Troubleshooting and $50 off BNR.
  • Participate in future online discussion groups for registered Diploma candidates (2007-08)
  • REBATE: Upon registration in the final/4th class in the ASPC Diploma program, a student’s $199 registration fee will be credited against the final course registration & payment.
  • Upon successful completion of the Tetra Tech RTW Diploma program, candidates will receive a framed certificate of completion to document their achievement. 
  • Continue to receive various troubleshooting charts and textbooks in each class & learn valuable hands-on techniques to be used to improve plant process.
  • Network with fellow students and instructors throughout the 2.5 year program, assembling a group of resources and experience to help in troubleshooting facilities and processes, as well as enhance individual professional development.
  • Take advantage of early notifications and discounts on future training, class, and product offerings!

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 *Above contact hours are approximate. Upon completion of each class, Tetra Tech RTW will mail a Certificate of Completion and the number of professional contact (education) hours completed by the student. The C.E.U. or C.U. hours or credits accepted by each state’s licensing or certification boards may vary, and students should submit within their own state for credit. Some classes are already approved in different states. For more information, and to contact the appropriate agency in your state, visit: Wastewater Certification Information or Water Certification Information.

 For more information, contact Tetra Tech RTW at: 303-825-5999 or rtw.training@tetratech.com.

The overall Tetra Tech RTW Diploma Series combines training and certified experience in different water and wastewater processes. Led by experienced engineers and trainers, the Tetra Tech RTW Diploma Series offers water and wastewater operators, managers, and laboratory and plant personnel an opportunity to expand their training and to elevate their careers within the industry.  Watch for more Diploma offerings in the future!

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Note: Tetra Tech makes every effort to put on each class as advertised, and to add additional dates and locations throughout the year. However, each class has minimum and maximum registration requirements. We may be called upon at different times to cancel or reschedule a course, or close registrations. In the event of rescheduling or cancellation, all registered students will be given 30-days advance notice, and can transfer into the next available session of the registered course or another of equal value. We regret if this causes any inconvenience. Thank you.

Additional Information

View the 2009 Education & Training brochure in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.


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